I’ve Been Reading………….

Hello again. I’ve been reading books like ones from A Series of Unfortunate Events, and from The 39 Clues. The Series of Unfortunate Events books are by Lemony Snickett, and the 39 clues books are by different authors. I’ve also read the Five Ancestors books by Jeff Stone.

I like the Series of Unfortunate Events books because they are thrilling, suspenseful, and mysterious. The books tell of 3 siblings. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. When their parents die, their series of unfortunate events begins, and their story keeps getting more unlucky and more unlucky. It’s no wonder this series has 13 books.

Both the 39 Clues books and the Five Ancestors books are action-packed. One series takes place in the 21st century, while the other takes place in the 1600’s. In the 39 Clues, 2 kids named Amy and Dan go on a quest to find the 39 clues, which, when they find all of them, will give them unlimited power. In the Five Ancestors books, 5 young monks try to stop an evil tyrant from taking over all of China. I hope you enjoyed my post. By!

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